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Moving Services

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At Aris Moving and Storage, we take pride of our moving services in Surrey and work hard to continually improve our services to better meet the needs of our valued customers. While we are a Surrey moving company, we provide reliable moving services throughout Vancouver, Burnaby and surrounding areas

Our services

Moving Services

Aris Moving and Storage is a trusted name in the local community. We are a family-owned and operated company, maintaining a highly motivated and trained team of movers in Surrey. We serve customers across the area, handling everything from packing to wrapping to crating and reassembly.

Our Surrey movers are trained in proper moving techniques and meet our standards of excellence, whether on a commercial or residential move.


Often customers simply want a couple of hours of help to move or a full-service moving option. Sometimes it might be an acreage, an apartment, a storage unit and anything else you can imagine. We’ve got an experienced team of movers specifically trained for all types of inquiries. We even provide full or partial packing services for your move – this really takes the stress away! Maybe you want to move out of the Province or to another city? We’ve got all kinds of long-distance moving options as well.


The logistics involved in an office move is usually a lot more complicated than when moving a home. In addition to the size of the move, the importance of having each department perfectly reorganized to its desired state, the value of the documents, and the respect of deadlines is crucial in order not to disrupt the company’s activity. Aris moving and storage, we understand how important an office move is for a company. This is why everything will be arranged so that at 9:00 am on Monday, every employee can start the day as if it were any other Monday.


When selecting a moving company for a long-distance move, avoid franchises. Franchises and VanLine companies combine loads, so your goods are transferred multiple times to different trucks and drivers. With these companies, your goods are loaded and offloaded and combined with other people’s loads throughout the journey, which increases your risk of damage and lost pieces.

When booking your long-distance moving with Aris Moving, your belongings will be carried from A to B by the same crew and the same truck.


If you’re running out of space at home, need to store company inventory during a move, or just have extra valuables you don’t know what to do with, Aris Moving and Storage can help! Our Surrey storage services offer safe, reliable storage services in Surrey, Vancouver, and more. Our residential and commercial storage units can accommodate all of your sotrage needs so you can rest easy.


If you are thinking of relocating to Abbotsford, our interprovincial movers can help you with that as well. Our budget moving truck fleet is competent to handle both large-scale and small moves, so we can help you relocate in one go. Hence, you would not have to worry about waiting for several days to complete the transport of your belongings between provinces.

If you are wondering about the safety of your belongings during a long-distance move, we can guarantee you the best care with our crew! They are trained to handle complicated moves, hence, you have nothing to stress about.


Are you excited to move to the lands of greenery? Well, let us help you take the first steps.

Our affordable moving company is prepared to tackle the hard work of your move for you. Despite having to move several hundred kilometers away, our expert movers will take the stress off of your shoulder, so that you can comfortably embrace and enjoy this new adventure you are about to go on!

By choosing Aris Moving Company, we can guarantee you the safe and secure transportation of all your belongings: may it be furniture, office equipment, electronics, clothes, or even stationery.


For those of you looking to move to the land of fruit orchards and wineries, our moving company can help you out! From residential moves to commercial moves and small moves to large-scale moves, our service areas now cover Okanagan Valley as well.

Hence, if you are on the watch out for a professional and reliable moving company in Surrey, reach out to our team at Aris. Owing to our years of experience and training, we will handle your belongings with care and make sure that they are safely delivered to your new place in Okanagan Valley.


Excited to experience the island life but worried about how to move all your things? Well, worry no more, because our Vancouver-based moving company tackles moving to Victoria as well.

From sorting out the logistics for the moving trucks to loading and unloading all your cargo to and from the ferry boats, our crew will handle them all. So you can sit back and look into the other crucial aspects of your move, while our crew handles the transport logistics for you.

Therefore, if you want a professional to handle your residential or commercial move to Victoria, reach out to us. Our premium moving company will surely impress you.


Long gone are the times when you had to tackle moving all on your own just because you did not have enough things to be moved by a professional. Because our Aris Moving Company has got you covered.

Just like the rest of our services, our professional movers also handle small moves. May it be a single bedroom or a small office space, our crew will make sure that your belongings are carefully packed and moved to your new space. Not to forget, our small moves are reasonably and affordably priced with no hidden charges, hence, we can guarantee you the best value for money and great moving experience.


For our beloved senior community looking to move but have no way of tackling the tedious tasks of moving, Aris is here for you. Because we understand the physical and emotional toll that a move can take, so we are here to help you out in the best way possible.

Our moving crew will visit you and overlook the complete moving process including the dismantling, packing, loading, transporting, unloading, unpacking, and reassembling. If need be, we can also stock up your belongings in safe storage places until they are sorted through.


As tedious as moving is, what is even more energy-consuming is the packing. Because you need to take the time off and carefully pack each and every belonging of yours to make sure that they are not damaged during the move. This becomes critical for fragile belongings because they need to be handled with care.

Hence, if you want the support of a professional who has years of experience in tackling long-distance moves, Aris is your place to be. Our crew will visit you in advance to also do the packing of your belongings: safely and methodically.


When it comes to moving, one of the hardest things to do is finding enough boxes to accommodate all your belongings. But what if we told you that we provide moving boxes for FREE! Yes, you read that right.

At Aris, our clients have the option to request moving boxes. Once this request is made, our team will bring a sufficient number of boxes required for your move. You can pack your belongings in them and load them to our moving trucks. Once the move is complete on the moving day and the unpacking has been done, our team will pick up the boxes.

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