Moving is no easy task, especially if you have no prior experience in doing so. You have to sort out the logistics, pack up your belongings, find a mode of transportation in Surrey, and so on. However, with our years of experience in home and business moving services, we have noticed some best moving advice that can significantly ease your move. So we decided to let you all in on these moving tips and tricks. Well, let us take a look.

Garbage Bags Are Your Friend

When it comes to relocating, garbage bags are the most effective way of transporting your belongings. Especially when it comes to clothes. You can easily wrap these bags around your clothes while they are still on the hangers, and just tie a knot at the hook of the hanger. This makes it easier to unpack and hang them back in your new wardrobe as well.

Stack Styrofoam Plates Between Glass Plates

Glass utensils are highly susceptible to damage due to their fragility. So here is what you can do to prevent damaging your glass plates. Stack a styrofoam plate between each pair of glass plates, and these styrofoam plates will act as a protective layer. This best moving advice will remove the friction and clashing of plates and will minimize the chances of damage.

Envelope Your Makeup in Cotton Balls

Broken or spilled makeup units are something that we often see, especially in long-distance moving. One way to avoid this is by sheathing your makeup tubes and compacts in cotton balls, which will act as a protective layer. Despite sounding like an ordinary move, this best moving advice can ensure the safety of your makeup.

Note Down Arrangement Of Equipment Before Dismantling Them

Before dismantling any of your electronics and other gadgets, make it a point to take photographs or notes of how they were set up. These notes can be of immense value when you are trying to re-assemble them at your new place.

Store Glasses in Socks

Our next best moving advice is for glasses – which are often damaged in the moving truck rental. To avoid damages to glasses, you can wrap them in socks – which does not take as much time as it does to individually wrap them up in newspapers and styrofoam. If you are worried about the hygiene of your socks, just purchase a few sets of socks from your nearest mall.

Move Your Drawers Just As They Are

If you are planning on moving the contents of your drawers, just take them as they are. Wrap the drawer with its content in a plastic wrap, and move them as a whole without packing them and unpacking them again for no purpose. This best moving advice will not only save you the effort when moving, but it is also much more efficient and effective.

Use Sandwich Bags To Manage The Small-Sized Items

The small items such as screws, nails, and wire plugs might be hard to find if they are not methodically packed and moved. This is where sandwich bags come to the rescue because they make it easier to pack up and label such mini-items. These bags can then be taped onto the larger equipment or gadgets for which they are used.

Color-coding is Important

As in most occasions, colour coding makes it easier to identify and sort out your belongings. By colour-coding these boxes based on the rooms they go to, you can easily direct your boxes to their respective places within a few minutes. You will not have to search for their labels or open them up to see what they contain.

Pack Your Jewelry in Egg Cartons

Another best moving advice is to make use of egg cartons for your jewelry. Egg cartons can hold your jewelry in place and will prevent them from getting entangled. If required, you can even tape your jewelry to the cartons themselves to hold them in their position.

Use Cases With Wheels

Lugging around heavy boxes is not at all easy. It becomes even worse when you have fragile things within that need to be carefully handled. Therefore, always make it a point to use suitcases with wheels, because they will make it much easier to move your things from one place to another. But you also have to make sure that you use solid suitcases that can withstand heavyweights.


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