Lift Heavy Objects While Moving

The Way of Lifting Your Heavy Objects

What is your proffered method to lift heavy objects? When moving, we lift heavier objects than what we are used to in everyday life. Your body will respond to this added pressure, resulting in multiple injuries and deformities. Scientifically the appropriate posture for picking up a heavy object has been explained in order to reduce pain, aches and other bothersome possibilities.

So, practicing the accurate methodology in lifting weight can help you move and organize your stuff without any hassle. Here are a few tips you can practice from Abbotsford movers when you lift heavy objects.

Heft Things on Your Own!

We will guide you on this solo lifting process! Here are things you should know if you are trying to lift heavy objects yourself.

  • Inspecting the object before lifting won’t be a waste of time. Don’t judge your item by its size. Always look for a comfortable and safe place to pick the load up. When it comes to cardboard boxes, we must pay extra attention to the resistance of the box. Sometimes it can be overloaded which is okay as long as the box is on the floor.
  • Even though you manage to safely lift heavy objects and carry the load, sometimes you will tread on barriers on your way and lose it all. You won’t need such an extra mess added to your already tough process, so select your way wisely.
  • Get ready to pose with both your feet and shoulders positioned amply aside and aligned, straighten your back and strengthen the gut. Bend on your knees to a squat posture and look straight ahead. Grip the load using both hands;  now you are ready to lift heavy objects
  • Hold the object in close proximity to your body and give the stress to your thighs and lower legs while lifting. Make sure your back remains straight all the way. Go slow, directing yourself with feet and hips.
  • After reaching the target point, redo the squat pose focusing again on leg muscles. Never alter the posture of your back. Slowly release the object once you are very close to the floor.
  • When it comes to moving massive items like cupboards and furniture, ask for help from a professional. The best movers Abbotsford has to offer are here to help you! We will handle your precious belongings with care and make your moving process painless.
Lift Heavy Objects With Pulley

Pulleys To The Rescue!

Being a simple machine that changes the direction of force applied, pulleys are widely used in lifting processes.

A system of pulleys can be used to support lifting and moving.

A pulley, suspensions, rope and safety wear to construct a primary pulley. Irrespective of the type of lifting operations; we must select the ropes which are capable of lifting a load, wice the target weight. Fasten the ropes to ensure the proper connection. Technically, the heavier the load, the more pulleys we will need. Do the math and find out. Still, after theoretically calculating the number of pulleys needed, we test run our pulley system to confirm results.

Lifting and Moving Among Floors

What to do if you do if pulleys won’t work? Don’t worry we have options!

Hand trucks are incredibly handy too!

How hand trucks are operated:

  • Slip the forks under the object. Tie the object and check the balance before moving. Take time to restore the stability after tilting the loaded truck. Reverse the steps when walking upstairs and move forward when going down.
Lift Heavy Objects

Guide to Lift Heavy Objects

  • Stand in front of the object
  • Spread feet widely
  • Bend on the knees with a straight back
  • Firmly grasp the load
  • Look forward, not down
  • Position the elbows closer to the upper body
  • Avoid waist movement
  • Thrust legs, keep arms steady at all times
  • Avoid moving the object away from the body
  • Move slowly with upright body posture to avoid collapsing backward
  • Get back to the initial squatting posture when setting the object down
  • No need to rush. Breathe, take time and stay focused throughout

Instructions to Lift Heavy Objects

  • Do not directly bend
  • The level of one’s shoulders is the limit. Never lift higher
  • Squat pose warm up the muscles
  • Assist hand trucks
  • Wear safety gloves
  • Straps are not always efficient

Just like you suspected, moving is definitely heavy work! This is why it is always better to consider hiring a professional.

Now you can move all your belongings securely at once with our moving truck rental Surrey.

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