Office moving is usually different from residential moving. Possibly the hardest thing about it is that you will have to move office furniture and equipment efficiently and quickly. If you are considering relocating a business, you cannot afford to bring every piece of furniture that is lying around. Especially if the move is of a large scale, it will be a hassle to pack anything and everything.

As a Surrey moving company with years of experience moving offices, we have a set of golden tips that will come in handy if you are planning to move a business.

Maintain An Inventory

You may have different plans for your office furniture. Not everything will go in the new place, as you might want to sell or donate some of it. Whatever it is, office moving can never be done successfully if you have no idea what you wish to keep, what you wish to sell, and what you already sold. This is why an inventory is a brilliant idea.

For starters, you can list out everything you own and start creating an inventory for each item. An inventory may include pictures of the equipment and furniture, their condition and approximate value. A detailed inventory will help you keep track of what you gave away and what you currently own. This is a simple tip in moving that will help you stay organized throughout the office moving process.

Sell Some Of The Furniture

Office furniture is always in demand, considering that most of the brand-new furniture is high on the price point. You can always sell some of your office furniture that you do not need anymore.

One of the best places to start selling is of course your office itself! Your employees may show interest in buying some of the furniture at a discounted price. For better sales, you can try auctioning them. Either way, if you are going to sell second-hand items, make sure to lower the prices considerably. This will be a great tactic to attract more buyers. Online platforms are a great option too if you are trying to find buyers quickly.

Make A Donation

You can also opt to donate unwanted furniture and equipment to organizations or businesses in need. A gesture of help can go a long way, and it will boost your reputation too.

There are several paths you can take in making a donation, and off the top of the list are local businesses that need a helping hand. Also, there are charitable organizations that mediate donations and offer to get you in touch with someone in need. Non Profit organizations that contribute their auction sales to small businesses and organizations are great too. It will be a great relief to get the weight of extra furniture off your chest.

Manage The Relocation Procedure

Office moving involves a fair deal of moving heavy and complicated units of furniture from place to place. Everything starting from packing to reassembling will be extra difficult. In this case, the best option is to hire an office moving service that will take care of your furniture and equipment for you. This way, you will get insured coverage for your furniture in case any damages happen during the process of moving. In addition, the risk of any accidents will be alleviated, and you can relax completely while the moving company handles it.

Plan The Disposal Of Unwanted Furniture

It is unethical and hazardous to throw unwanted or unusable furniture out on the road. It is vital to follow the rules and regulations before you make any rash decisions. Call and check with the waste collection authority before you dispose of them on the streets.

If you have a lot of furniture to get rid of during office moving, it is better to go for options like scrap yards and bulk waste pickup services.

Contact A Professional Long Distance Moving Truck

If you are looking for a risk-free and hassle-free office moving procedure, it is wise to hire a professional moving company. Aries moving trucks Surrey is just what you need for perfect office moving, as we offer long-distance moving truck, storage, packing, unpacking, disassembling, assembling and much more.

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