How To Find a Reliable Moving Company

It is important to secure a professional moving company to share the burden of moving out. We have a few tips on how to find a reliable moving company in Surrey.

Emilia decided to get the service of the cheapest moving company when she first moved into her own place after living with roommates for a long time. Although she could find an affordable moving agency in Surrey, she regretted her decision soon.

She lost one of her wall mirrors and her book cabinet was dropped down the stairs. Most boxes were kept in the wrong rooms although she had clearly labelled them well. She lost all the excitement of moving into an apartment on her own after the chaos the moving company caused.

After fifteen years, the first incident Emilia isn’t the same. When she recently moved to a new house with her husband, they received estimates from a number of moving companies before choosing one.

Many consumers like Emilia go through unpleasant experiences with moving companies. There were approximately 6000 consumers who complained about their moving companies last year. Most common out of these are complaints are issues with pricing and delivery, property damages and unhelpful staff.

Here are some tips you can hold on to find a reliable moving company, so you can avoid unpleasant experiences during a move.

1. Prepare Yourself Ahead

Find out from your family and friends about Surrey moving companies they recommend that could provide better service. Make sure the company you hire is a licensed moving company and has a good reputation with the relevant authorities.

Online forums are a great source to find reviews on the moving company you choose. If there is a majority of bad reviews with similar patterns, you should change your choice. Sometimes if you need a long-distance move, it is wise to find movers in Surrey that specialize in it. When companies with no experience in home moving services for long distances take up such jobs, they might not go well.

2. Discuss With A Minimum Of Three Movers

When you have chosen the top three moving companies, ask them to visit your house to take a look at the properties to be moved. Ask for an estimate and find out if they charge extra for special packing, stairs or furniture moving.

A reliable moving company will already know the price breakdown for moving. They will be able to tell which ones you will be charged for, ahead of time. A reliable moving company is not likely to push the sale and charge you for even small extra activities on moving day.

If one of the companies you chose, insists on giving a quote over the phone without visiting to evaluate your properties, cut them off the list.

3. Know What Your Rights Are

Movers must abide by the government rules set for them and should provide you with a copy of the rule book. These rules state that you should be provided with a sufficiently correct estimate for the moving.

You also should be given a written inventory of your goods. Get agreements in writing from the moving company you choose, and fill in all details before the contract is signed.

4. Think Of Insurance

The government regulations have minimum basic insurance protection for the items being moved. Make sure your company abides by it.

For high-value items, if the minimum insurance is not sufficient, ask the moving company for a policy that will get you their replacement value. Have a list of high-value items for this purpose.

For short-distance commercial moving, check if insurance is available. Avoid moving small and valuable items like jewelry, important paperwork and coins using the moving company. Move them personally.

Your mover may refuse to insure goods that were not packed by them. So, have them wrap all your high-value and delicate items even at an additional cost. A reliable moving company will be much experienced in it and will do a better job at packing.

Follow the above tips, the next time you move and avoid having to turn a happy day into a disaster thanks to a bad moving company. All it takes is some knowledge and preparation and you will avoid disaster altogether.

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