Last minute moving to a new house!” Sounds pretty exciting until it comes to the day you start packing goods. But for some people, it makes them even more excited to experience the next milestone in their lives. If you belong to the second type, you truly are very rare to find!

Even if you have been preparing for the move, you may still confuse it with time management. So if you are a resident in Surrey who,

  • Decided to rent out or sell your house and move to a new place
  • Prefer last-minute moving but do not want to leave anything
  • Confused with a sudden notice to move
  • Already planned and prepared to move

Our Aris moving company Surrey is happy to help.

Here are 10 expert tips from us to you if you have to move houses at short notice. Take a few minutes to read. You may never regret the time you spent.

Design A Detailed Plan

So you wasted many days postponing your work until the deadline. Now you are at the last minute moving phase. Do not worry. You still can manage it. What you have to do is just sit and plan everything.

  • Walkthrough your house, search everywhere and analyze what you have to take and leave.
  • Try to donate the goods that you are supposed to leave. Then clear out the remaining stuff.
  • Working alone with your family or neighbours sometimes makes things worse as many people have different opinions. In that case, do not hesitate to seek professional guidance.
  • Close all the telecommunication, water, energy and sewage services you consumed as you are not supposed to return to this home.
  • Clear out all the bill payments.

Contact A House Moving Company

It is pretty hard for you to contact a residential moving company at the last minute moving. So try to get in touch with a reputable company at least one week before your move. It is better if your service provider can keep in touch with you throughout the re-establishment process at the new house.

Even if it is less than a week, we still give our fullest effort to be available for you.

Gather The Required Packing Materials

Without proper packing materials, your work will be half-done. Make sure to gather empty boxes from grocery stores or friends, parcel tapes, name tags for labelling, a marker, and plastic packing sheets to pack fragile goods, woollen or similar soft and large cloths to cover bigger items.

Commence Packaging

Arrange everything before the day you decide to move. Packing goods is difficult if you mess up things. So contact an experienced team for packaging a few hours before moving.

Try Not To Pack Everything Together At Once

It is essential to keep packaging one room after the other if you do not seek help from professionals. Tag packages by their room name so that it is easier for you to know where the cooking utensils, bathroom equipment, etc.

Emotional Support Is Everything

Never hesitate to get help from your friends and neighbours to help you take care of your pets and kids until you sort out all the confusion. Make sure to keep a family member to share your emotions when leaving your memories and loved ones.

Utility Services At New Place

Ensure all the electricity, water, sewerage and telecommunication services are established at the new house.

Plant Moving

Share the plants you plan to leave with your neighbours. Cover all the vases and pots safely. Contact our moving truck rental Surrey for additional guidance.

Remove All The Unwanted Goods

Take only the essentials and distribute, vend, present or donate the rest.

Final Moves At The Last Minute Moving

Take only the essentials and distribute, vend, present or donate the rest.

  • Notify the new house owners about your leaving date. Remember to hand over the house keys.
  • Ensure the owner of the land and sort out the legal matters if your property is on lease.
  • Clear out the land and the house by appointing an experienced cleaning service team.
  • Turn off the power supplies.

Still, feels like a burden? Feel free to read more about surrey moving services. Aris Moving is specialized in small moving services and we have years of experience in last minute moving. We turn your last-minute moving into an easy-going task.

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