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There is a lot of physical and emotional baggage to take care of during a move. No matter how many helping hands you have, the stress of moving is always there.

What is moving like for seniors? Not easy, of course.

While you are on the lookout for the best moving companies Surrey for the elderly, you might want to check if they offer special help for senior moves. There are various concerns when it comes to senior moving that sets it apart from other moving projects. The integrated process of disassembling, packing, loading and unpacking must be more carefully dealt with. There might be additional requests and requirements for the movers to fulfill. We offer senior moving Surrey that answers all these concerns and more.



  • We are a team of professional local movers
  • We have years of experience in moving
  • We provide long-distance moving services
  • Our primary focus is on customer satisfaction
  • All our services are reasonably priced


Every move is unique and needs to be planned with caution. Selecting what to move and what to dispose of, donate or sell can be a tiring and stressful task. The one thing a senior move needs most is a supportive moving company that makes this hectic planning process easier. With our experience as a moving pro, we will help you make the best choices.


Maybe you are moving to Okanagan Valley, or to somewhere else in British Columbia. Maybe you plan on moving long-distance. Wherever you are going, storing often becomes an issue. Based on the size of your new living space and your preferred lifestyle choices, you might want to store away some of your belongings in a safe and secure place. Aris Moving Services offers spacious and climate-controlled storage facilities so that you can make minimalistic decisions and still keep your treasured belongings safely stored.


Heavy and exhausting moving chores pose a higher threat to senior citizens. The increased risks of injury to your body and damage to your belongings cannot be ignored. What’s great about our residential moving crew is that we take care of packing, lifting, pulling, loading and unloading all by ourselves. You won’t have to move a single muscle!


It is incredibly important to make the living space favourable for seniors. A senior move is only complete when the unloaded items are arranged in a comfortable and uncrowded manner. You have to be careful when hiring a moving company Our senior moving Surrey will leave you with no complaints, as we will do a thorough job unloading and assembling your belongings with care.

Can you see how we take pretty much all the stress away? That alone can make any senior move much less daunting.

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    It is one thing to move to a new home and another to move to a shared house. As our company is well-known for its friendly and helpful assistance in senior moving Surrey, we are familiar with the senior homes in the area. Whether you are moving to Alberta or elsewhere, our staff is ready to help you settle down quickly and contentedly. In doing so, we will be considerate of your belongings and requests as well as the regulations and conditions of the retirement home administration.



    The key to offering top-tier senior moving Surrey is by understanding the unique needs of clients. Each senior move comes with its concerns, which the mover has to be ready to address. 

    For us, communication is everything. All you have to do is to let us know your specific requirements, concerns, worries and questions. As experts, we put together a custom plan to sort out each issue.

    At the end of the day, our Moving Services will be able to give you a moving experience entirely free of stress and toil.


    Whether it is short or long-distance moving, our professionals are able to handle it with ease. As we are a locally-owned moving company with an excellent reputation, we offer our customers a warm, friendly, and personal service. Senior moving needs special attention as it is all about making a move less stressful for seniors and helping them cope with the change with ease. Here at Aris, we excel in offering exceptional moving assistance catered to your special needs and requests.

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