Average Cost Of Moving In Surrey

Incurring the cost of moving is unavoidable. It will not depend on whether you decide to hire the businessmen who made a business out of moving. The annoying thing is there are so  many hidden costs involves when it come to average cost of moving, that you won’t be ready for.

Sometimes, the more you try to lower your moving cost, the more cost you will incur in the end. Especially, if your movers start throwing around your furniture carelessly and use shabby boxes that might end up adding extra cost to repair or amend your broken stuff.

We have compiled the actual costs that will add to the average cost of moving in Surrey.

Surrey Movers And Moving Trucks

A disreputable moving company will bill you according to the hours or distance. They will also add unseen fees for fuel, stairs and travel.

It is common to hear nightmare stories of movers who suggest cheap prices but don’t treat your belongings well and sometimes seize them and ask for a ransom in order to return them.

However, a reputable team of Surrey Movers is always recommended, even if they may cost a little higher upfront. If you’re moving to or from Surrey, receive a free estimate and also check the reviews of the moving company you choose.

You can have your friends helping you move. But you will still pay the moving truck rental and figure out a way to repay their favour even if it’s pizza on the day or a gift of thanks later.

Distinctive Objects & Average Cost of Moving

Some items need a special guard when being moved. These items could include a pool table, pianos and even cars. Surrey movers will charge extra for items of this nature. Nevertheless, when moving in surrey, having an experienced moving company taking care of your grand piano during the big move is far more peaceful for your mind even if it’s at a cost.

Insurance Of Surrey Movers

The general home insurance you have is unlikely to cover moving. So, when moving in Surrey you need to purchase insurance possibly from the moving company itself. Take steps to talk through the insurance policy provided by the mover, so you won’t be surprised later.

You can also capture some pictures of the valuable items you own. Mail them to yourself so you have proof of their former condition with you in case something happens.

Packing Material Used By Surrey Movers

This is how the bits and pieces of your average cost of moving adds. Buying boxes used for expert moving will be a little costly.  There will also be costs of the padding, bubble wrap, tape and moving equipment for the furniture.

You may also need to buy or rent a dolly if you don’t already own one. You may consider improvising by using apple boxes that you find from stores and cushions from your couch. But, it may not be adequate.


Any truck will gulp down a great deal of gas. The gas cost will be higher when the farther you are moving. Additionally, your own vehicle will have to be driven either once or more to move your smaller belongings. Evaluate the cost of gas by quantifying the mileage and add a buffer of a few hundred miles, just in case.

Expenditure On Food

When moving gets dragged for days on end, your kitchen items will be stored in boxes for that period of time. So, you will likely end up eating out during this time period. Also, if you’re aiming  for a commercial move, you may have to factor in the cost of accommodation for an overnight staying. This will definitely be higher than your average grocery bills.

All of the above should be factored in when calculating the average cost of moving, and the part in which you unpack is still ahead of us. Those we discussed only cover the cost of just moving in Surrey. You will also have to clean and make a small repair to your old home before you move out. Similarly, in the new house, you will need to add more shelf space or replace bulbs and even put up new drapes.

There will definitely be a cost getting added from trips you make to home stores. In reality, you are the only person that can really calculate the average cost of moving you will incur since it depends on many factors unique to you and your family. The points we have provided will serve as a guideline and help you to factor in all types of costs depending on your situation.

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