Office Moving

Office moving is usually different from residential moving. Possibly the hardest thing about it is that you will have to move office furniture and equipment efficiently and quickly. If you are considering relocating a business, you cannot afford to bring every piece of furniture that is lying around. Especially if the move is of a large scale, it will be a hassle to pack anything and everything.


As a Surrey moving company with years of experience moving offices, we have a set of golden tips that will come in handy if you are planning to move a business.


Maintain An Inventory

You may have different plans for your office furniture. Not everything will go in the new place, as you might want to sell or donate some of it. Whatever it is, office moving can never be done successfully if you have no idea what you wish to keep, what you wish to sell, and what you already sold. This is why an inventory is a brilliant idea.


For starters, you can list out everything you own and start creating an inventory for each item. An inventory may include pictures of the equipment and furniture, their condition and approximate value. A detailed inventory will help you keep track of what you gave away and what you currently own. This is a simple tip in moving that will help you stay organized throughout the office moving process.


Sell Some Of The Furniture

Office furniture is always in demand, considering that most of the brand-new furniture is high on the price point. You can always sell some of your office furniture that you do not need anymore.


One of the best places to start selling is of course your office itself! Your employees may show interest in buying some of the furniture at a discounted price. For better sales, you can try auctioning them. Either way, if you are going to sell second-hand items, make sure to lower the prices considerably. This will be a great tactic to attract more buyers. Online platforms are a great option too if you are trying to find buyers quickly.


Make A Donation

You can also opt to donate unwanted furniture and equipment to organizations or businesses in need. A gesture of help can go a long way, and it will boost your reputation too.


There are several paths you can take in making a donation, and off the top of the list are local businesses that need a helping hand. Also, there are charitable organizations that mediate donations and offer to get you in touch with someone in need. Non Profit organizations that contribute their auction sales to small businesses and organizations are great too. It will be a great relief to get the weight of extra furniture off your chest.


Manage The Relocation Procedure

Office moving involves a fair deal of moving heavy and complicated units of furniture from place to place. Everything starting from packing to reassembling will be extra difficult. In this case, the best option is to hire an office moving service that will take care of your furniture and equipment for you. This way, you will get insured coverage for your furniture in case any damages happen during the process of moving. In addition, the risk of any accidents will be alleviated, and you can relax completely while the moving company handles it.


Plan The Disposal Of Unwanted Furniture

It is unethical and hazardous to throw unwanted or unusable furniture out on the road. It is vital to follow the rules and regulations before you make any rash decisions. Call and check with the waste collection authority before you dispose of them on the streets.


If you have a lot of furniture to get rid of during office moving, it is better to go for options like scrap yards and bulk waste pickup services.


Contact A Professional Long Distance Moving Truck

If you are looking for a risk-free and hassle-free office moving procedure, it is wise to hire a professional moving company. Aries moving trucks Surrey is just what you need for perfect office moving, as we offer long-distance moving truck, storage, packing, unpacking, disassembling, assembling and much more.





Moving In Winter

With the weather never being what is predicted, snowfall blocking the roads and roads being icy and slippery usually, is why people usually hesitate from moving in winter. However, from a mover’s point of view, winter might be the best season for moving.

Moving companies Surrey usually find themselves with free time and less booking due to most people hesitate to move in winter. This allows you a better choice for a moving date and lets you take your time booking a moving slot. Even though it might still be wise to book your moving slot earlier if you want to move towards the end of the month.

Want to make moving in winter less stressful? This article will help by providing you with some tips.

Winter Weather Might Cause Dampening On Moving Date

Winter weather is usually very unpredictable. Sudden snowstorms, windy weather will leave you with a lot of trouble if it wasn’t expected. It is advised to keep your ears open to weather updates as your moving date looms in. Moving companies Surrey will be ready to accommodate any weather condition. 

They have the necessary loading trucks that help navigate through the most difficult conditions. However, it comes down to whether you feel it is safe to be moving your stuff more or less travelling given the weather conditions. 


If you do decide it is not safe, you can always ask your moving company for another date. They will be ready to accommodate such requests. However, it is important to keep an eye on daily updates to make such a decision before the moving date, in an attempt to keep your belongings and your lives as well as the lives of the movers safe.

Keep The Floors Covered To Be Ready For The Winter Slush

Covers to keep your stairs and floors covered are usually provided by moving companies. If you want to ensure the floors stay dry it’s always better to have some extra plastic covers ready. This will help keep the floors from being ruined by the slushy water that will come in.

Shovel Your Sidewalk And Driveway To Make Way For Your Movers

This is something you will have to do at both the house you are moving out from and the house you are moving into. Movers will be carrying large furniture to and from. Sometimes, they need to help with loading and unloading of stuff. Having snow on the driveway and sidewalk will make it slippery and unsafe for them. So least you could do is make their path safe, this will help keep your belongings also safe.

Are The Utilities At Your New House Functioning?

We’ve all watched Home Alone and have seen how a small function error can end up causing a power outage for the entire street. Since you are moving into the new house, it will be better to check with your utility companies whether the service has been provided to the new house. 

If that was sorted beforehand, you can always inquire around your new neighbourhood for prolonged power outages etc. Nothing is worse than turning up at your new home after an entire day of long-distance moving due to moving to find out there is no power or water provided. This will cause a real damper on your moving experience. 

Treat Your Movers To A Snack And Hot Drinks

Moving in winter is bound to be a very cold experience, especially if you live in an area where the winter gets really cold. Surrey moving companies provide you with movers who will work through any kind of weather condition to help make your moving experience efficient and stress-free.

The least you could do is help them to a snack and some hot beverages at the end of a day full of hard work. It is not something you must do, but a hot chocolate, a cup of coffee or tea will go a long way.

Moving in water can have its difficulties. If you follow the tips and are ready for it before the start of the moving process, your moving company will help make it an efficient experience.



Average Cost Of Moving In Surrey

Average Cost Of Moving

Incurring the cost of moving is unavoidable. It will not depend on whether you decide to hire the businessmen who made a business out of moving. The annoying thing is that most of these costs are hidden costs, that you won’t be ready for.

Sometimes, the more you try to lower your moving cost, the more cost you will incur in the end. Especially, if your movers start throwing around your furniture carelessly and use shabby boxes that might end up adding extra cost to repair or amend your broken stuff.

We have compiled the actual costs that will add to the average cost of moving in Surrey.

Surrey Movers And Moving Trucks

A disreputable moving company will bill you according to the hours or distance. They will also add unseen fees for fuel, stairs and travel.

It is common to hear nightmare stories of movers who suggest cheap prices but don’t treat your belongings well and sometimes seize them and ask for a ransom in order to return them.

However, a reputable team of Surrey Movers is always recommended, even if they may cost a little higher upfront. If you’re moving to or from Surrey, receive a free estimate and also check the reviews of the moving company you choose.

You can have your friends helping you move. But you will still pay the moving truck rental and figure out a way to repay their favour even if it’s pizza on the day or a gift of thanks later.

Distinctive Objects & Average Cost of Moving

Some items need a special guard when being moved. These items could include a pool table, pianos and even cars. Surrey movers will charge extra for items of this nature. Nevertheless, when moving in surrey, having an experienced moving company taking care of your grand piano during the big move is far more peaceful for your mind even if it’s at a cost.

Insurance Of Surrey Movers

The general home insurance you have is unlikely to cover moving. So, when moving in Surrey you need to purchase insurance possibly from the moving company itself. Take steps to talk through the insurance policy provided by the mover, so you won’t be surprised later.

You can also capture some pictures of the valuable items you own. Mail them to yourself so you have proof of their former condition with you in case something happens.

Packing Material Used By Surrey Movers

This is how the bits and pieces of your average cost of moving adds. Buying boxes used for expert moving will be a little costly.  There will also be costs of the padding, bubble wrap, tape and moving equipment for the furniture.

You may also need to buy or rent a dolly if you don’t already own one. You may consider improvising by using apple boxes that you find from stores and cushions from your couch. But, it may not be adequate.


Any truck will gulp down a great deal of gas. The gas cost will be higher when the farther you are moving. Additionally, your own vehicle will have to be driven either once or more to move your smaller belongings. Evaluate the cost of gas by quantifying the mileage and add a buffer of a few hundred miles, just in case.

Expenditure On Food

When moving gets dragged for days on end, your kitchen items will be stored in boxes for that period of time. So, you will likely end up eating out during this time period. Also, if you’re aiming  for a commercial move, you may have to factor in the cost of accommodation for an overnight staying. This will definitely be higher than your average grocery bills.

All of the above should be factored in when calculating the average cost of moving, and the part in which you unpack is still ahead of us. Those we discussed only cover the cost of just moving in Surrey. You will also have to clean and make a small repair to your old home before you move out. Similarly, in the new house, you will need to add more shelf space or replace bulbs and even put up new drapes.

There will definitely be a cost getting added from trips you make to home stores. In reality, you are the only person that can really calculate the average cost of moving you will incur since it depends on many factors unique to you and your family. The points we have provided will serve as a guideline and help you to factor in all types of costs depending on your situation.



How To Get The Best Moving Deal

Best Moving Deals

Relocating is a bittersweet ordeal. This is because it comes with the joy of moving into a new and better place, but also with the hassle of sorting out the logistics. This is especially true when you end up having to move a massive load of things from one place to the other. There are steps that you need to follow to get the best moving deal.

In such a situation, the ideal solution would be to seek the services of a moving company and get the best moving deal. But at the same time, you should also make sure to find a reasonable and honest mover.

Having said that, you might be wondering how to identify a good mover and what factors in when choosing one. Well, here are a few tricks and tips meant just for you.

Avoid The Moving Scammers

Price and quality are aspects that often contradict each other. Hence, just because someone quotes a low price, you should not jump at the opportunity. This does not mean that you need to pay exorbitant prices for movers either. You just have to be vigilant enough to identify those that look like scammers and those that are too expensive.

So when looking for a moving deal, the following are a few things that you could check for.

  • Is the company insured and licensed?
  • Are they quoting a price that seems to be way too good?
  • Do they do a house visit before quoting a price? Because most professionals do.
  • Do they have good customer reviews and feedback?

Check On Other Alternatives

Once you have a list of movers that seem to be professional, you can compare these movers with one another. Pricing can be one key factor that you focus on, so make sure that you get a detailed quotation from them. When you go through these detailed quotations, you might be able to identify value-adding services and event opt-out from those that you do not need.

Move What You Need

While some movers charge a flat price for moving regardless of the load, others may charge based on the load and the distance to be moved. Therefore, if you want to cut down on your moving costs, you first need to reduce your load and make sure that you are moving only what you actually want.

Keep An Eye On Extra Charges

Some movers may ask for a higher price to move specific things, specially when it comes to long-distance moving – such as large equipment and cycles. More often than not, you might find it easier to move these things yourself, and if needed with the help of a few friends. By doing so, you will be able to avoid these extra charges and cut down on your moving cost and get the best moving deal.

Do The Packing

In some situations, the movers might ask for an extra price to do the packing for you. Therefore, if you can do the packing yourself, your best bet might be to do so. This will help cut down your movers charges and find their services affordable and the best moving deal.

Negotiating Is A Good Thing

You have nothing to lose by negotiating. Worst case scenario – your charges might remain the same. But if your negotiation is successful, you actually will be paying less than what was initially asked for.

Not to forget, some movers will actually be willing to negotiate in order to attract and retain customers. After all, they need to beat their competitors and pricing is a good place to start with.

Make Your Booking In Advace

Booking in advance can undoubtedly bring you a range of benefits. For instance, you will be able to pick a slot that is more convenient to you rather than waits for a slot at which your movers are free. Moreover, you can also avoid the last-minute booking charges in moving that you might have had to pay otherwise. Thus, if you have a schedule for your move, make sure that you make your booking beforehand.

In addition to this, you also have to make sure that there is someone to receive your things on the other end. In case your movers have to wait for someone, you might have to pay a waiting fee as well. Therefore, if you cannot make it, do not forget to place someone to take responsibility for your things on behalf of you.